• 50th District Update: Helping Hands

    We are now entering one of the greatest times of the year, where the act of giving becomes much more common and widespread... read more...
  • 50th District Update: Glimmer of Hope

    It's been a busy week at the Capitol. On Tuesday, the Senate convened to take up legislation to reform unemployment insurance. I won't bore with you the details of the bill, but it will protect employees who find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own, while at the same time encouraging Illinois businesses to grow jobs. This compromise was the result of six months of bipartisan negotiations between lawmakers, the Governor's office, unions, and the business community. It’s a big win read more...
  • 50th District Update: Reason for Hope

    Next week the Senate will return to session, but likely not to pass a budget or work on major reforms. The focus is going to be on one bill that changes how Governors can set emergency rules for certain programs during a budgetary crisis... read more...
  • 50th District Update: Little progress

    The Illinois Senate returned to session late this month. As you're likely aware the state continues to operate without a budget, despite the fact that we are now in the fourth month of the fiscal year. It is beyond frustrating for you and I to see this mess continue without resolution... read more...
  • 50th District Update: Seasons Changing

    The last few days have brought some chilly weather and the leaves changing color, making it clear that autumn is here. Most of our local farmers have already finished harvesting their crops and are now in the middle of tilling their fields. When most of those corn and bean fields were first planted, the General Assembly was still tied up in the regular spring session... read more...

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Please remember those less fortunate this holiday season. 

Central Illinois Foodbank
1937 E Cook St, Springfield, IL 62703

+1 217-522-4022

 Jacksonville Food Bank
316 E State St, Jacksonville, IL 62650
+1 217-243-1122

Salvation Army Food Pantry
403 E County Rd, Jerseyville, IL 62052
+1 618-498-6669

You can find more locations here:

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Communities rally together to battle record flood levels.

How 4th graders made sweet corn the official state vegetable

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