• 50th District Update: Shoring Up Our Infrastructure

    It's been less than a month since the Illinois State Fair wrapped up its festivities for 2016. The physical conditions of the fairgrounds became a major issue to the event, partly due to a massive downpour that flooded several parking lots. But there were also issues with a major power outage on the grounds itself, and the actual condition of the buildings became a talking point in agriculture news publications... read more...
  • 50th District Update: Bringing Together a Diverse State

    This week I had a great opportunity to tour a Macoupin County farm that has become a model for many in the conservation and sustainable agriculture communities. The farm is owned and operated by Woody Woodruff, who also works with the Illinois Stewardship alliance helping to teach other farms about conservation techniques... read more...
  • 50th District Update: Protecting the Voice of the People

    Dear Friends, We recently received some bad news from the Illinois Supreme Court. In a close ruling, the justices decided to block a citizen-led redistricting referendum from appearing on the November ballot. The majority opinion stated that the proposal didn't meet the tight requirements set forth in the Illinois Constitution... read more...
  • 50th District Update: State Fair Time

    This week marks the beginning of one of the biggest events for many of us in Illinois, the State Fair. Our capital city will see thousands of visitors coming in from around the world to have some fun. I once again took part in the opening night festivities and it was great to see so many people excited for fair time... read more...
  • 50th District Update: Remembering Our Heroes

    This week I had the distinct honor to help dedicate memorials to four Calhoun County law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. You can read more about these four men and the memorials below... read more...

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Standing up for 2nd Amendment rights.

Touring a local implement dealer that is manufacturing farm equipment and selling globally.

Senators get a look at the bright future of Illinois agriculture at the 2015 Farm Progress Show

Communities rally together to battle record flood levels.

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